a creative purpose built oasis situated amongst the pyramids in the rural town of Abu Sir close to the3/4 of an hour from Cairo. Close to the Abu Sir Pyramid complex, the Sun Temple of Abu Gorub and right next to Saqqara Pyramid. The Dome is owned by Nasser Abugnhoneim and Family and is attached to the Sakkara View Guest house.

For those who wish to experience Egypt as an authentic close to the heart and earth experience and are looking for a place to express themselves through dance, music, meditation and metaphysical studies ect., this is the place for you.

About the Dome


Many moons ago Nasser Abugnoheim, met a man affectionally know as Beasty. Beasty was drawn to Egypt as his spiritual home and over this time Nasser and Beasty developed a deep brotherly love for each other. Beasty built the dome with dreams of it becoming a sanctuary for Spiritual, Art, Music, Yoga, Meditation, Dance and Metaphysical pursuits. For personal reasons Beasty could no longer return to Egypt and the dome lay dormant for many years.

In 2007 Maria Sangiorgi was lead to Abu Sir and to the Nasser Abugonhiem family. She came for 2 night and stayed 2 weeks. Maria is a dancer, her passion is Egyptian Dance. She had always felt it in her heart and her bones. During her first visit with the family she felt the calling of the past and a great sense of home. She had found her spiritual home and Egyptian family. She felt so comfortable with Nasser that they argued like brother and sister. She was completely take by the dome and its potential.

She dreamt of bringing a group of women there to dance with her. This dream took 5 years realize. In 2012 Nasser and Maria worked together to finish this purpose built dome. In December 2012 Maria ran the first Dance and Cultural retreat called, “Return to the Source”. Maria’s dream was also that the dome be a place for many others to come to and draw on the powerful transformative energy that Egypt holds.

The dome is a magical place to work in, it is like a bell chamber, for anyone into sounding it is magnificent and it has a wooden floor! Another beauty of the dome is that it is attached to Nasser’s guest house. The guest house has a story of its own. For anyone venturing from another country who wants to find a place to tap into what egypt energy has to offer with not a lot of fuss, this arrangement is perfect. At present the guest house can comfortably house 12 people in shared accommodation. In the true Egyptian building style it would not take to long to complete the next floor to house up to 20. It is situated in the town, one one side there is the desert and Sakkara Pyramid and on the other side you step out into the bustle and bustle of village life. There is an eating area half way up on the outside of the dome, rooftop area that you can look down into the dome from and a small garden.

Sadly after the revolution many seekers has stopped venturng to Egypt. Now it is time to return

The Dome is available for hire any time of the year.

you can hire it for half a day, 2 days a week and so on. Preference is given to longer term booking who also stay on the guest house.

Half Day
max 4 hours
Full day $110
One week $700

There is a reduction of 50% for those staying at the Guesthouse

There are many more options available. We can arrange for live traditional egyptian music, bread making, lunches or dinner and so on. We are very flexible and accommodating.