Nasser Abughoneim

Nasser is no ordinary Bedouin man. His story is quite unique for a man form his background.

Nasser has an interesting and unique connection to the many western friends he has made over the years who have influenced his life and his thinking. Never the less he still lives a very traditional life. He follows Muslim and Community traditions.

These traditions foster warmth and kindness held in a culture that is more a matriarchal than patriarchal, not obvious to the western eye.

In this society the woman and family are the centre point for all that takes place. What is wonderful is if you ever have the pleasure to meet Nasser and stay in his guest house you will be treated to family life as you find it. there is more to come . . . .

Mohammed Nasser Abughoneim

Mohammed, Nasser Abughoneim eldest son.

Mohammed, Nasser eldest son does much of the liaising with visitors these days, they have much to offer that is unique in Egypt. Yes it is true that there are 1000’s of tours available in Egypt but there are a couple of things that make staying with the Aboghoneim family trying a memorable experience.

One is that they truly include open there home and heart to you in a genuine, honest to goodness way. The other is that that guest house is attached to a purpose built structure called the Pyramid Dreaming Dome. For anyone want to come to Egypt to meditate, dance, sound or any other creative activity this is the place to be.